Here is me on a good day.

Here is me on a good day.

Welcome to Michael Kushner Online -

Michael is an Equity actor based out of New York City. He has always considered himself a New Yorker - so much that he spoke with a New York accent growing up in Florida. Needless to say it was triggered by his parents, but he never let it go because New York would always be with him.

And here is me on a  great  day. With Joel Grey. 

And here is me on a great day. With Joel Grey. 

He was bit by the performance bug by Grandma, while Nanny helped shape his fine - art side. Michael was always inspired to create, whether it was on stage or off. After learning stage right from stage left, Grandma found and advertisement for a youth production of Mary Poppins - and seven year old Michael had to be a part of it. He was cast as Michael Banks and the rest is a spoonful of sugar...

Michael began to work regionally, which was an amazing escape from the brutishness of middle school. The 12 year old was extremely proud to be in A Stoop On Orchard Street, a musical that tells the tale of Jewish immigrants trying to survive in America in 1910. It had a wonderful run in NYC, and an even bigger impact in South Florida. Little 12 year old Michael felt he had a great responsibility to carry this show on his back... and he did eight shows a week, for five and a half months - all during middle school. 

As years went on, Michael spent many beautiful summers at French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts. He attended Ithaca College and received his BFA in Musical Theatre in 2013. The day after graduation, he drove to Barrington Stage Company to be in On The Town (starring Tony Yazbeck, Alysha Umphress, Nancy Opel, and Michael Rupert), which would become the out of town try out for the Great White Way. 

Now Michael currently resides in NYC taking on whatever project comes his way. He is a currently Volunteer Coordinator and one of the founding members of the critically acclaimed Musical Theatre Factory, helmed by Shakina Nayfack.